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House Plants, Gifts and More

House Plants, Gifts and MoreHouse Plants, Gifts and More

About Us

This is plantjunkies logo the text is white in the center of a white circle, its got a deep bottle green background and monstera leaves in a circular pattern.

Thank you for taking the time to read a little more about PlantJunkie.


Plantjunkie is a small family run British company. 

The brainchild of me, Kimberley, a northern self confessed #plantjunkie from Preston, UK.
One thing is without doubt, I LOVE plants, can't get enough, i'm crazy obsessed. 

PlantJunkie started as a semi-serious idea in 2017. 

As a newly single mum, to three wonderful boys, starting out in a new town, I decided it was time to do something totally me.

What could be more me than spending my days pottering about my own urban jungle?

I worked hard, almost gave in, found myself and PlantJunkie has now grown into what it is today, all thanks to my wonderful customers who supported and empowered me on my way!

My aim, is, always has, and always will be, to bring to you, other crazy obsessed plant people, fresh from the growers, premium quality, beautiful, weird and rare plants.

I am sure you will agree houseplants are now an integral part of the home. They are not just there to wither away on your kitchen ledge. They are calming your mind, enhancing your interior, giving your house an extra dash of style, and at the same time they purify the air!

If you don't already have a whole bunch (and if you do!!!) take a look around there is guaranteed to be something to give you that botanical fix.

Thanks for stopping by.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to know more! 

Do you have a special request? Do you have a special event? Are you a business looking to go green?

I love a challenge and have suppliers all over the globe, and if there is something you are looking for I will make it my business to help make it happen.

This is a picture of a Philodendron white princess held in a hand, in front of a white wall. Philodendron white princess is a rare aroid. It is prized by collectors of tropical houseplants. It has long leaves that come to a point with white and pale green variegation in splodges and splashes.

Philodendron White Princess

Monstera Thai constellation is a very rare variegated Monstera deliciosa plant. It has the big characteristically fenstrated leaves that swiss cheese plants are known for, with creamy custard yellow splattered variegation, the name Thai constellation, comes from the way the variegation looks like speckled stars in the night sky.

Monstera Thai Constellation